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Juggling Inferno Creative Performers

Juggling Inferno was started in 1996 by Tim Marston, a well-known and highly skilled fire juggler based in Cumbria (in the UK). Tim created a high quality solo fire show and began to build up a crew of world class, exceptionally skilled, full-time professional performers.

During this time Gwen Hales who was one of the star performers on the team (and also owner of stepped up to take control of the group show, choreography, and artistic direction of the company. As second in command of the Juggling Inferno troupe, she travelled all over the UK and internationally performing at a wide range of events. She also organized the other performers and brought the group show, choreography and entertainment value up to a level of skill, that is world class.

At the beginning of 2013 Gwen took over and bought the whole company. Tim had decided he wanted to focus his time on other projects. While Tim remains one of the company's star solo performers, it is Gwen who is now firmly in charge… A fact that she won't let Tim or the other members of the team forget any time soon…!

Since its beginning, Juggling Inferno has grown and changed in many ways. Many new team members have been added to the roster but the core focus of the company hasn't wavered since day one. The principle of delivering world-class fire shows and circus entertainment, combined with a high commitment to customer satisfaction remains the core philosophy of the company and all its members.

Juggling Inferno offers high quality solo and group fire performances, ambient entertainment, and ultra high tech glow shows all over the United Kingdom and worldwide on request. Detailed below are some of the main packages on offer:

Wedding Entertainment

Since the very start of Juggling Inferno, performing and entertaining at weddings has been a core part of the work we do.

We focused on weddings for one simple reason – We love them! Being booked to entertain the happy couple and their loved ones at a wedding reception is just such a great way for us to work. Helping the newlyweds create memories that will last a lifetime is something we've always received great pleasure from and no doubt will continue to do so long into the company's future.

Follow the link for wedding entertainment ideas.

Party Entertainment

Let's face it, every one loves a good party and the Juggling Inferno team are no exception. From small family parties in the privacy of someone's back garden, to huge events at large and exclusive venues, the team is always happy to add to the fun with a live show or performance.

Follow the link for party entertainment ideas.

Corporate Entertainers

The Juggling Inferno performance team has worked all over the world at an amazing array of corporate events. We've entertained in London, Paris, The Middle East, all over the UK and far too many other places to list. Cutting edge laser glow shows and tightly choreographed fire performance are often the entertainment package of choice for our corporate clients worldwide.

Follow the link for more information on our corporate entertainers.

Event Entertainment

It never ceases to amaze our team just how many varied and exciting events there are on all over the UK, every day of the year. In all types of venues, and with numerous themes, causes, ideas and concepts; from huge Viking re-enactments to glamorous burlesque parties, we work at so many great events and functions.

Now you know a little more about us please feel free to get in touch via our contact page. One of our team will be very happy to help you with your enquiry.

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