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Key information on rules and safety

Relax, a Juggling Inferno fire show is not as dangerous as it looks!

All our performers:

  • are highly experienced.
  • are sensitive to audience mood and changes in the weather.
  • have full public liability insurance.
  • have the latest safety equipment.

We are very happy to take a proactive role in ensuring our performances are delivered in a safe and controlled manner. Including liaising with clients, venues, other performers and suppliers.

We always carry out a thorough on-site inspection to ensure the performance area is safe to work in.

In some cases we need to perform a site inspection before the date of the event, this may have a cost implication.

Every performer at Juggling Inferno is committed to working in a safe, professional environment. Our excellent safety record is maintained by making sure we carry out strict checks and assessments, and through clear communication between the client, performer and audience, both on and off site. We regularly check our equipment before and after a show, and make sure that the performance area is safe and secure - this means not only that the audience can relax and enjoy the show, but we can too. While we aim to create an intimate show atmosphere with our audiences, we discourage any member of the public from entering the performance space.

We use fuels that have a high flash point so that they don't ignite easily and all of our equipment is made from high quality materials, including Kevlar wick. Kevlar is both heat and fire proof, it does not burn but absorbs the fuel in a way that keeps our props alight and looking spectacular.

If you have any questions regarding the health and safety aspects of our acts we will happily discuss the precautions we take and the risk assessments involved.

Need more information?

Please contact us if you need more information, advice or assistance with booking one of our shows.

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