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Juggling Inferno FAQs

We understand that booking one of our acts might be something you have questions about. Hopefully, some of the information below will help. If you can't find the answers here, please do get in touch, and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Is fire performance dangerous?

Playing with fire is dangerous, as your parents probably told you. However, all our team are highly skilled and very experienced in making something that looks dangerous (and exciting!), actually quite safe.

Every precaution is taken to avoid accidents and each site is risk assessed and inspected prior to the performance.

All our performers have public liability insurance, and our equipment is made from high quality materials and is checked before and after every show for signs of damage or wear and tear.

Can I have fire performers at my event?

Performance space is usually the major issue with many event venues. Outdoor fire entertainment can generally be accommodated by most venues, and indoor fire performances are frequently possible but have stricter technical specifications.

We have fire entertainment packages to suit a variety of spaces, and a conversation between a member of the Juggling Inferno team and the venue manager can generally resolve most issues. We are happy to send out a copy of our indoor and outdoor fire performance technical specification documents upon request.

And if I can’t have fire – is there an alternative?

A highly entertaining alternative to fire is glow or LED performance. Using electronically illuminated props very similar to those used in fire shows (e.g. staffs, hula hoops, poi), glow performers spin and juggle to create beautiful light patterns and traces. Glow shows are perfect for indoor venues that prohibit the use of naked flames, and involve far fewer health and safety issues!

Juggling Inferno are also able to offer a number of other non-fire circus-style performance, such as stilt walkers, jugglers, street theatre entertainers and hula hoopers.

Please contact us to discuss your event and we’ll do all we can to provide suitable entertainment.

How long is a fire performance?

A fire ‘show’ usually consists of one or more performers presenting a sequence of fire skills in a choreographed act lasting around 20 minutes.

Fire ‘meet & greet’ and 'ambient' entertainment involves performers welcoming your guests or placed in positions around your event, performing freestyle, non-choreographed fire skills. We usually recommend three half hour sets of ambient or meet & greet fire, but are happy to discuss other options.

If you would like both ambient fire as well as a show, we would propose having one meet and greet set and then the show later on in the event.

How much does it cost to book a fire performer?

This kind of depends on the kind of entertainment you are looking for, but a guide would be between £300 - £400 per fire performer.

There are a number of costs to consider when booking, such as number of acts/entertainers booked, location of the venue, type of how, and extras (like our pyrotechnic finales), so please contact us to discuss your event and we'll not only give you an idea of what you could get for your budget, but a full breakdown of all the costs involved.

We pride ourselves in supplying artists that are trained to a very high standard and all the team are fully insured; this combination of experience and liability cover means you get fire-proof professionals for your money!

What will I need to provide for your team?

The performers' requirements will vary depending upon the type of act booked, but we ask that parking and a changing area are provided for all bookings.

Fire performers will also need somewhere to fuel their props. Whilst we try to minimise all mess, this is the dirty part of the job so we recommend somewhere outdoors and out of sight of the guests. The amount of space needed for the actual stage will vary greatly, and we are happy to supply you with detailed technical specifications, so please contact us to discuss your event and what we can provide for you in the space that you have.

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